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I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a pulled muscle, and that Elias recovers quickly. Hang in there (as always). Yesterday was the shortest day...even in Zurich (made me think of you all!) Sending lots of holiday cheer and the smell of baking cookies your way...

How scary!! Praying for you and your precious (and resilient!) family and hoping that Elias is back to chasing his sister in no time!

I hope it is just his muscles too. I love reading your blog and follow it regularly but have never posted a comment. Just wanted to let you know your family is in my thoughts. I really hope Elias is back to himself very soon.

Oh my gosh Christy - how frightening. I hope it resolves quickly and that he's back to his usual go-everywhere self soon.

Oh so sorry to hear. Sending you all the healing thought I can muster....

Christy...just don't wait too long...sending my healing energy too...valerie

Oh Christy,
how frightening. Sending prayers and healing from here too. Us readers are all thinking of him and you and hoping that it's something simple that heals up soon.

Dear Christy-
Your post has made me teary... simply because I can imagine, ever so slightly, how it must feel to watch him struggle. I am going to ask Santa for the same thing this year. Let's touch base after Christmas and see if he has delivered...
Hugs as always-

Just wanted to chime in that my daughter woke unable to walk one day,when she was about 5. It took about three days but she woke one day good as new. There is a virus that can cause it. Hope that is the case for Elias!

Christy- just wanted to let you know i'll be thinking about you guys and sending love and quick and easy healing your way...xoxo

Wishing you well... If I was closer, I'd bring you some soup/tea/cookies.

Be well, Elias. I send wishes for good news and brighter days.

I think all your thoughts, prayers, and wishes are helping b/c Elias seems a bit better today. We saw a physical therapist yesterday and she said she sees this often in kids like Elias. They injure one area and where the rest of us can compensate with our other muscles he's already compromised and doing all he can to walk so one tweak or sprain takes him out all together. We think it may be his foot or ankle and she says that often kids with CP can't locate the pain and when they first feel the injury do the jelly leg thing like he did. She's hopeful this is just a bump in the road and not a long term issue so I'm feeling much more hopeful today than I have been. Less scared about his brain and more convinced that he'll be up and about trucking through the snow in no time. And each day we gain a few more seconds of daylight...

Whew. Hope he continues to improve and sending all of our positive thoughts your way for a light-filled holiday season and a peaceful new year.

So glad to read today's post by you, Christy. Sounds to me like the physical therapist hit the nail on the head! What she said certainly makes sense.

Moms always imagine the worst, and with a child with Elias' medical history, your worst is pretty scarey!

Hope he continues to improve, and I'm betting he will.


He'll be fine. He has to be. You don't go through everything he has been through to lose it all now. Keep your readers in the loop because we will all be worrying right along with you. Just squeeze him lots and enjoy the few extra minutes of cuddling that you may be getting since he isn't off chasing after Olive.

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