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Happy Birthday, Olive! I can't believe she's two already.

Just so you know, I love your writing. I wish you had time to write more! I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I wish you and your family happiness in the up coming year. PS: Write a book!

Happy Birthday, Olive! Can't believe it's been two years!

Laura, thank you! I do hope to start working on a book soon. Its been a dream for awhile. I'm glad you found my blog and I too wish I had more time to write:)

And I too can't believe Olive is already two!

To all Christy's readers: We all want her to write a book. She has the makings of a best seller. Keep pushing her but to find the time! Christy's parents

Thanks Mom and Dad for your belief in me. Love you!

Happy Birthday Olive!

My little girl will be 2 on the 31st. You have beautifully and perfectly captured her as well as Olive in this post.

another shout out for the book here. your ability to capture your kids in words and pictures stuns me. happy birthday olive and hope everything goes smoothly at the ent for elias!

Does Olive look like Nick or or do you and Nick look kind of alike??
The book: set a word count goal. It doesn't matter if it is 200 words a day. That's what I keep telling myself!
But please, please, don't stop the blog.
200x 365 = 73,000 = a book! (You can of course work on it for more than a year if you want.)

Happy Birthday Olive
(sorry I'm a little late)

Danielle, Nick and I look kinda alike. He has the blues eyes that Elias got and Olive has my brown ones but more of Nick's shaped face. And thanks to you and Kate for the book boost. I like the 200 words a day idea. I have at times teetered with the idea of stopping the blog to work on a book but I know I'd miss you all too much. Plus then who would be there to read it when I finished?

And thanks for the birthday wishes Sarah and Amanda and a happy b-day to your little girl on the 31st!

Happy Birthday to you both.

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