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New skirt? :)

Yes, Nick got if for me for Xmas so now I have one long black Skhoop snow skirt and this one. Feeling spoiled but I wear them every day to walk to school and for recess, way easier to take on and off than snow pants:)

A SKIRT?? Seriously? A skirt?? In Alaska in winter??? I know you've been up there for a while, but have you lost your mind?

Oh Brooke, I'm still the sweatpant-wearing girl you know and THAT is exactly why you'll almost always see me in skirts in Alaska during the winter. That way I can wear long underwear on the frigid days and not have to stuff them under dress pants. Way more comfortable with a skirt on top. I can wear yoga pants underneath on the warmer days, you know, when its at least ten degrees:) Good to hear from you my goalie friend!

That sure looked like a happy saturday! no snow here and unseasonably warm. It will probably be warm all winter and then we'll get snow in April. I love the seasons so I wish jack frost would BRING IT!

For the record, this still seems crazy to me. As does going to the playground in 3 foot snowdrifts.

love your outfit!!! that photo of you in all that snow looking so great is really wonderful. xo

Yes, love the outfit and the pics. And especialy love your header photo of Elias climbing!!

I love seeing Nick in a carefree moment!
Also caught that O's mittens don't match. Reminds me of us. Have fun!

Yes, Danielle, we are lucky if Olive keeps her mittens on, let alone keep matching pairs together in the house.

Wish I could mail you some snow Flem, we broke the record for snowfall this year, with more on the way tonight.

Thanks all!!!!!

I'm a little bit of a lurker here on your blog - I love to read about your kids, job, parenting - you know, things many of us women can feel we know.

I haven't been able to view your pics for some reason until today, so I was so suprised to actually get to see the photos today.

Thanks for posting publicly. Elias makes me think a little differently about people, how I react to them, how I teach my child about relationships and differences. Your poignant writings make me wish I knew him, but to see his smile? Wow - he's an angel - He really made my day about 100 times better with these pics today - He's contagious!!

Still not sure I'd ever want to live in Alaska, but your athletic type lifestyle sounds invigorating!

Storkwatcher, you made my day. Its been a rough one and your words brought a much needed smile. Thanks for writing!

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