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I find that a nice cocktail helps turn the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Days in semi-terrible not as bad as I thought kinda bad days. Mostly b/c that cocktail helps me sleep better and then it's the next day that hopefully won't be as terrible horrible. Cheers!

I agree with Brooke. get a nice bottle of wine and a good book and curl up beside Nick on the couch.
Also: You are doing enough. You are helping enough. And...you DO visit each other's worlds now and again, I have seen it happen in stories and photos. And you will be okay.
And don't forget to write.

You are saner than most Christy and if the winters in Alaska didn't bother you at all, I'd be worried. I know it is hard to stay awake past your kids these days but when Elias fall asleep tonight, look at him. Breathe him in and even rest your hand on him if it won't wake him. You may just feel that you are in the same worlds after all. Then have that glass of wine!

Beautiful comment Fleming. You are a great friend to Christy. Hope all is well.

Have you ever considered moving? :) I live in Chicago and can barely stand the winters here!

Wow! Are those Fahrenheits? I am an impressed Canadian! Down here (!!) the days are getting longer, it does give us a boost. I don't know much either, but Elias is your life companion so all therapies must be aimed at making him a good one...

De-lurking to assure you that we do have some terrible no good days in Australia even though we never need four layers of clothes :-) Your blog is inspiring and I appreciate the honesty of your writing as you share both the victories and the struggles of your parenthood journey.

Michelle thank you for de-lurking and for appreciating my honesty. Sometimes I feel bad about my hard day posts, as if I'm suppose to be more inspiring and "feel-good" all the time and yet I personally feel better after writing about the hard shit. Especially when my readers respond. Ellie, yes, F not C, it was -17 when i woke up this morning. It hasn't risen above zero for a week. After two days of indoor recess we started letting the kids outside for just ten minutes, even at -11, just to get some energy out, but we are all feeling a little bit of cabin fever, especially b/c we have so much beautiful snow to play in but need the temps to warm up a bit to enjoy it. And I love the "life companion" comment, so true. Kristine, every Jan or Feb or consider moving and then March comes with our 12 hour days and skiing and sunshine and I fall in love with Alaska all over again. Flem, i read your comment at work and you made me cry and I had to pull myself together to go out to recess and then I read it again in the afternoon and again tonight and thank you is all I can say. And love you friend. Danielle, Nick and I shared a bottle of wine last night, just like you suggested, and we talked and vented and planned and yes, i felt better afterwards. Thank you for seeing our cross-world connection in my stories and pictures. Sometimes I need to be reminded. And Brooke, that evening beverage always helps, as much as i love my children I long for them to go to bed at night so I can be an adult before we start it all over again. I raise my glass to all of you and wish you a happy Friday.

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