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Elias has the perfect parents to fill the doctors' orders of outside time and play. :) I'm so happy to hear that you had such a great appointment and long weekend.

It was so nice to see you guys this past weekend! I needed the hugs more than I can tell you....good to see Elias n' Olive and happy for your fambly to make it here regardless of the "winter wonder". Life is so funny....each day brings new surprises! Thank you for thinking of me....I think of you all often. Love from the othermother.

THIS is what you hold on to when the IEP's and eveerything else threatens to pull you under. THIS is the boy who will show them all.

It's funny how we sometimes need "experts" to say out loud what we already know deep within, not scientifically, but in our souls. You showing Elias the wilderness- expanding, wild, dangerous, liberating nature- is a gift, in my opinion, second only to love.

happy happy day when the surgeons say no need to intervene. and what a fab adventure--you just know it is the kind of thing he will remember forever and ever....crawling through the snow with mom. i love it.

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing with us.

sounds so perfect! That story filled me up for the WEEK!

Greta your words always speak to me, like we're walking along a rock wall together on our way to elementary school.

Mary, I always love hugging you and sharing stories-- you will never lose your title with me. We all miss you every time we don't see you when we're staying up the hill.

Thank you all for witnessing our lives and bringing your hearts and minds here to celebrate with us.

Elias makes me want to be able to experience the world as he does - with all the wonder of what he sees, hears, feels and does. He's SUPERBOY! I'm in awe of his ability to really live the moment - his joy abounds for miles....

Dear Christy
I wanted to contact you but didn't know how so am leaving a comment here hoping you have to "approve it".
I am the preschool teacher who teaches special education classes in Michigan and reads your blog to be reminded of who I sit across the table from at meetings--our transition to kindergarten meetings are just starting and I had to share your percentage point post with some of my other teachers and therapists (giving you full credit of course). As we send our little ones on we are so often so proud of them and the receiving elementary schools are so afraid, but often shouldn't be. I feel we often lose sight of the fact that we are there for this child, this family and not to discuss why the child can't get the right level of service because the Teacher Consultant isn't in the building on Thursdays. Your essay really helped me find a new flicker of passion for making these meetings go right.
Thank you.
Julie A

Storkwatcher, Elias's grandma, Kathy, and I were just talking about Elias's knack for being in the moment and how not only does he force me to be more present but that it saves him at times from some of the negative social stuff at school. Thanks for your comment!

Julie A, I am honored that you shared my previous post with your team. I thought about emailing it to Elias's IEP team but didn't want anyone to take offense or worry too much about my emotional status since I don't usually share all my angst at work like I do here. I did however share at our SPED meeting yesterday something Elias's preschool teacher use to do at our meetings. She would begin by having everyone go around and share a strength they saw in Elias. This helped me know that despite their professional need to dissect him they saw and loved his spirit. It brought down my defenses and usually had us all laughing at his quirky humor.

Thank you Julie for writing and yes I do have all my comments emailed to me for approval. And read every one. Often twice:) If you (or other readers) ever want to write me outside of the comment track my email is [email protected]. I use to have it on here but I got bombarded by PR folks wanting me to promote their contests and new products b/c well you know I'm really into that sort of blogging. And the winner is...

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