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you are, of course you are. and you are two of the luckiest people to have each other. xo

Your sweet boy often reminds me of my sweet boy, soon to be eight also. And my husband and I have shared such similar moments to what you described. How lovely it would be for my family to be able to invite yours over for a picnic...but I'm glad the Internet makes it possible for me to share some kind of community with you, Olive, Elias, and Nick.

Just want to say I have you and your school in my mind and in my heart, and I hope another solution is found other than the layoffs you wrote about earlier.

Yes, you are going to be alright.

I remind myself the same thing all the time.

XO back to you Ebeth.

Mom2A: I would love to join you and your family for a picnic, even if its just one in spirit, as we seem to walk similar roads and all need to sit down and break bread from time to time. We all deserve time to rest and share stories. Glad we can connect here.

Glad you're feeling more hopeful. Keep us posted. As always, glad you have such a wonderful husband and family to support you and remind you what's important. happy Valentine's Day!

You are NOT expendable and never have been! My ds is just as reliable on his school(socialization/emotional) counselor as his teachers! Last year, my dd met one of her BFFs thru her counseling group at school for siblings of special-needs kids.

Your post today kind of makes me chuckle. My ds also wants me involved in his life when he's married--actually he wants me to be his wife! lol!

You have a kind heart and I hope that the school district will keep that in mind when they choose who retain in the comin school year!

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