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Hope you enjoyed the rest of your break with family time. In the first picture you posted, Elias looks like he has a cape on. Great pictures.

Love this! Great pictures; Olive is getting so big!

Orange and black are the best colors ... and that photo at the header of your blog is just breathtaking. Wonderful. So glad to have found you. xox

Loved these pics too. that is a lot of snow! And excited about the new pole! How does he like it?

Kate, when we first introduced the pole he didn't like using it and preferred the comfort of his canes. But Nick just sent him to school without his canes one morning and we put them in the closet and he hasn't asked for them since. I think he falls more but our hope is his core will get stronger without the ability to lean on the forearm crutches.

very cool pole and am jealous of the snow. barely a flake in cincinnati all winter. bummer.

Wait, are you sending him walking across an ICE RINK?? What, it wasn't challenging enough already?!?

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