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Love this. Thank you for sharing.

So wonderful. Tincture of time and lots of support and modeling can do wonders. Sounds like it already has. That sounds like the best hug ever given.

Oh, lovely. I've been noticing those two extra bright stars in the sky lately, too. xo

A perfectly calibrated hug. What a fantastic gift to Canyon...and to everyone who loves Elias and hopes he will learn to demonstrate his love so that it will be accepted. Way to go!!

what a great moment and it IS a big deal! When you are accustomed to bracing yourself for those rough moments and for once it doesn't come, you get a glimpse of how it is for others and perhaps will be in your not too distant future. Those teaching moments are working so don't stop doing what you are doing!

More light. Exactly right and how in the depths of winter it seems like it will never come and then inevitably it does. Always good to remember to take a moment to honor it because it is the little things that are the big deal.

Over the break Elias actually had three social evenings involving small children where I never had to intervene beyond what is to be expected. And yesterday he said three unprompted "thank you's". And sure, he had a major melt-down that involved hitting and screaming and grunting on Sunday night but that was just with his family and I think all of us feel the need to unload after a lot of social time, we've just learned more appropriate ways of doing so. And Fleming you nailed it, it gives me hope that just maybe things won't always be so hard. That the light really will find us after all. Thanks all for responding:)

That's my boy Brooke:)

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