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".....but I hustle to the brink of my ability" wonderful words anda grat way to get after life!


love, love this!

skate to forget...and to remember. love this.

Oh I so do both Kate, I skate for Elias and I skate to be separate from him. And Jill, yes, it is a good motto for life. Ebeth, I miss skating with you my friend.

Sounds a bit like your soccer style, if I may say so.... ;-)

Exactly like how I play soccer Brooke. A whole lot of heart without all the finesse.

And as to our tournaments. My Fur Rondy team didn't win a game but had a lot of fun and drank some mid-day beers. My Women's team missed making it to the championship game by a 4-2 loss to a team that showed up with more ringers than they had all season.

And my body is still recovering...

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