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Always. 100% of the time. I look around and marvel at all the evidence that I seem to be an adult, because honestly, truly I don't feel like one. One of my favorite jokes is that I'm waiting for the real parents to come home. But somehow they seem to never show up, and keep leaving me in charge. xox

You will always be our little girl but you have also turned into a beautiful and intelligent woman.
Mom & Dad

I'm 68 years old and I am still surprised that I am "in charge." What, I need to change the toilet paper roll?

Almost all the time!

I used to have a button on my backpack that said "cleverly disguised as a responsible adult". I was sad to lose it. I am 52 and have 4 adult kids, 3 are post secondary graduates, 1 is married and another getting married this summer. I still feel like I am pretending to be a "grown up" on a daily basis.

Wonder Twins...Activate! Form of...a glacier!

So glad I am not alone, pretending to be a grown-up:)

I've been a bit trapped in my own head lately and haven't been writing. I think about writing during the day when I don't have time and then at night I feel too overwhelmed/tired to begin. Promise to break this funk soon.

Don't worry about not writing...I have been amazed at how you have kept up with it all these years! truly amazed.

...meandering down endless passageways, finding secret hiding places, playing teacher in an empty classroom and even getting to write on the chalkboard!, discovering an imaginary world under the bleachers, making forts with football dummies, playing in the courtyard behind CPT, collecting foreign coins and Blondie records and various trash turned treasure discarded by "the big kids" and tossed out their windows onto the balcony...

oh, and going to the back of the kitchen for stale bread to feed to the ducks after dinner...

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