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I'm sorry(not really), but 'Offif stuck' is just too precious! Have a great weekend!

I think we called it Baby Jail! Good luck!

Glad you figured out a way to get a little sleep!

Please tell me you are trying to laugh at these moments because if they were on film you could laugh them all the way to the bank! Does Elias wake up when she comes in his room? I used to find my kids in the same single bed together when I would check on them and it just made me melt! Oh and remember what the "nanny" on t.v. says..."DON"T make eye contact!" as you guide them back to bed. Easier said than done!

Oh I'm laughing and pulling my hair out all at once. Elias, luckily, sleeps like a brick but he did decided he wants to go to bed with his door closed now, instead of cracked open, so she can't sneak in, which makes me happy. And Olive seems to be adjusting to her bed, snaking out less each night, (fingers and toes crossed)...

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