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And yes, Elias's canes are back. We found that he was needing to hold our hands too much and seemingly less independent with the cane 100% of the time, so now we are back to using both.

Too funny. Your kids just made me laugh out loud.

I am feeling the same way! So drained with life right now.
I read this quote by Lindsey Mead at A Design so Vast (http://www.adesignsovast.com/2012/04/begin-again/) and it totally resonated with me and perfectly describes what I am feeling.

"Right now I’m overly aware of the cracks in everything, and I can’t see the light they're letting in."

P.S- both kids birthday's tomorrow....KK turns 6, William would have been 7. Might be part of the funk I'm in. Everything always seems bittersweet.


They are both funny kids. I love Elias answer. Answers like that, that make you laugh out loud are one of the reasons I love being a teacher!

life suckers/miracle beasts=thanks for articulating JUST what I was feeling!

Alison, I'm heading over to Lindsey's blog now and thinking of you as always.

Jessica, I'm glad you are a teacher who still loves kids answers:)

Jill, I almost erased these phrases thinking people wouldn't get my feelings so THANK YOU for letting me know that you understand:)

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