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I have no answers, only quiet understanding and shared worry. Sending you all manner of good and soothing thoughts from my home and heart to yours.

I wish I had answers too. I did hear from an "expert" on ADHD recently that it is important to "ACT not YAK". I am trying to remember that as I launch into reasons as to why my son shouldn't do something and his brain has already moved on before I even had a chance to finish my sentence. I lost him at," Honey I really think it would be better if...." and off he goes. Too much "yaking" I gather.

It is tough. My 15 1/2 year old dd is scared of the dark, I think partly because her sensory processing is not like the rest of us and it being dark makes it even harder for her to figure out where she is etc. So, she refuses to sleep except with us. She is just 2 inches shorter than me but she outweighs me by almost 10 pounds. She still finds solace cuddling in my arms. I wish there were answers. Don't forget that some of this behavior is "normal" (even if undesirable) sibling behavior.

Niksmom, I know you get it. Thank you and right back at you.

Fleming, Nick and I heard something similar and have been trying not to talk as much when he's upset. (Which is especially hard for me.) What I also struggle with is my immediate reaction of anger/fear when I see him hurting his sister only sets him off even more. Tonight when he smooshed his sister into the side of the house and I pulled him off her he wacked me in the face. Hard. We both ended up in tears, frustrated. And sometimes its just hard being the grownup who has to forgive him constantly for what he can't control. I'm hoping this is a phase albeit a long one but something he will outgrow and not the beginning of more serious physical outbursts. Scary to consider. And I think tonight I'm just so tired and fried and wish he could talk to me, tell me what he's thinking/feeling and not ask me if the elevators were numbered in the hospital where I was born.

s.e. thanks for the reminder that siblings fight. siblings act out of envy and greed. I'm trying to remind myself this too, even if its not so "normal' to smack your Mama when you're 8. And yet he's not really 8...My guess is he'll still be running into our room when he's a teenager too. All elbows and knees trying to cuddle with little ole me.

Sigh. One moment at a time, Christy, that's all we really got....

No great insights from me but share that sense of fear and wonder at the mystery that our kids are and who they will become. thinking of you.

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