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Love the two different shoes on Olive! Can't wait to see you in July. Elias looks so grown up! It's been too long since we have seen you in person. Thank goodness for Face Time.

She's absolutely beautiful.

I was going to say "I recognize those shoes" but really I need to say singular, shoe! It has been wonderful to enjoy the warmer weather and playing in the dirt.

Sounds great!!! Our youngest is not a great sleeper too and stays up way later than his older siblings. Doesn't leave us much kidfree downtime. And then usually comes in our room at 5 or so. Anyway, wishing you more wonderful things this summer and some sleeping kids as well!

LOVE! Precious. Have you ever read "Love You Forever"?

My favorite time of year...when the green pops, the last snow patches melt away, mornings feel warm, and you can forget about socks.

Greta, I have not read it. Will have to look for it. And yes, I love this time of year too. The past two years we've flown to the Cape now so this is my first time in our new house being here as all the plants emerge. I could literally work in my gardens all day and never be done and love it all the same.

Kate, Olive too is taking away all our kid-free time and getting in bed with us by 2:00 am. Kicking, rolling... Last night she tried to make me move sides b/c I was sleeping on Nick's side of the bed. (He's in Seward.)

Dayna, the Cosmos seeds you gave me yielded some starts which have now been planted:)

Thank you Jolly! Mom, cant wait to see you too!!

Christy, I just have to say that Olive looks like a beautiful little doll in her sleep! So precious!

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