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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE BIRDS! Hope yours matches the depth and truth of your parents' marriage....maybe even better!

Happy anniversary! We celebrated 10 years on 6/15. Here's to a lifetime more!

Happy Anniversary!!

Wishing you a (belated) Happy Anniversary!

come on, now. admit it.... aren't there some days that would just seem easier if you could clone yourself??

Oh, and happy anniversary.

Thank all! And Happy Anniversary to you to Kellie!

Fleming, my parents are my role models for sure. And friend, if you happen to read this will you email me. I tried emailing you a week or two ago and one came back to me and I'm not sure if the other address I have for you is correct either. Thanks!

Happy Anniversary! You two still look as happy in recent photos as in your wedding photo!

congrats to you two. We share an anniversary, nut my husband and I just celebrated number 10!

Thank you Lee! I think we are even happier now, despite it all...

Congrats on number 10 Jessica! You picked a good day:)

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