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oh yeah! some days you just want to say "YEAH RIGHT" to the people who tell you to enjoy it while they're young b/c you're so bone tired and haven't eaten lunch b/c you were too busy taking care of their needs and your hot from chasing them and angry from them not listening to you when you try to do your job of protecting them from harm... and then Olive climbs that tree. sigh. Or Elias says that perfect thing that makes you feel you are hovering on the edge of magic. And suddenly you're really in the moment. But damn you're still hungry, tired and not getting your needs met. So marveling may be possible, but fully bodied enjoyment might be a bit too much to ask. At least today. Maybe tomorrow...

Have you come across this post? http://momastery.com/blog/2012/01/04/2011-lesson-2-dont-carpe-diem/

I have it bookmarked to reread on some of "those days." Glad you ended the day with a Kairos moment at the zoo. :)

Erin, I have read that post but I'm glad you shared it again so I could re-read it. So well put!

Louise, yes, that is it. Exactly!

We have often been that family where we are trying to get all three kids out of hiding in the wall of sleeping bags. Some days more wrestling than dancing sometimes the opposite. Trying hard to fill my puddles of patience too.

You know what is really cool? Toddler meltdown in the swimming pool where every piercing scream reverberates of ALL THE TILES.

Ooh that sounds fun, remind me to avoid swimming pools till my children can reason:)

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