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Very beautiful.

Thank you Faye:)

Remember to split the kids up between the two of you for some "down" time for everyone---I just had two instead of my usual three this weekend and it made a real difference...

Evil-o certainly is cute, even with cream cheese on....

Perfect timing Danielle. Nick's parents just left with Elias for three nights. We head to Seward in the morning with Olive and then they'll meet us down there with Elias on Wednesday. Just putting one child to bed instead of two felt like a vacation in itself. looking forward to a few days without siblings and all that they bring.

To all, I'll be back online next weekend. We are camping so think sunshine and a nice breeze to combat the bugs. Cheers!

Have a great time!! I'll miss your updates.

Loved this update on your beautiful little girl. I'm with danielle. key to have the one on one time with each of them when able. always makes a big difference for us when we can swing it. hope you have a wonderful trip!

I love Olive's stories. My own little Eve (Evil! I swear!) is also two and told me this week-end when she saw me with a skirt ''Mama! You put your two legs in the pant's hole!''. She is nearing 3 and is starting to mellow, I get some ''Oh, ok'' reactions that are a surprise. Happy camping!

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