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Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary. So glad to hear that camp is going well for Elias! I hope that you can get some quiet time in while he is away.

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like camp is a great fit. Hope you can find some time for just you and Nick to celebrate. I am hoping they don't want to sleep with us forever too.

Love the picture! We remember 9 years ago getting ready for the big day. What a glorious day it was!!

Happy Anniversary! And, no, they probably won't want to sleep with you forever. How's that song go? "You're gonna miss this; you're gonna miss these days..."

I saw the vans on campus today. How great that Elias is a part of camp. I miss you and your family and would love to connect at some point so my David has the opportunity to meet you all.
I can't get enough of your writing.

Happy Anniversary! And Happy Camp to Elias. But what on earth is "the second of two." The second of two 9th anniversaries? I am feeling really dense and slow today so help me out.

Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many many many more!

Danielle, we got married twice. We were legally wed here in AK with a wedding party total of five people but then had a full ceremony and reception with all our family and friends a month later on Cape Cod. I meant to link to an older post that explains that b/c I figured it was confusing so thanks for asking:)

Miss you too Glenna and I can't believe I still haven't met David. He has outgrown the shower gift I have for you that slacker me never sent:( Lets connect soon!

Thank you all for the well wishes. We had a great evening last night after a rough start to our day. And we plan on a night with out the kids when we go to the Cape in two weeks.

But first prepping for dip-netting since we leave Sunday for a week of camping on the beach and fishing for Reds.

Oh, we had two weddings, too, now that you mention it!! But we never, ever remember either--usually my uncle from America has to remind us. Good thing we are both similar that way...

Happy Anniversary again. . .
We might have sung ourselves silly with hairbrushes (and I think it was Rockin' Robin-- did jackson5 sing that?) . . . but I truly believe that Elias will create his own special memories that connect him to camp. . . and as you say, his picture will be different than yours or mine.
Miss you lots. Counting down the days until we get to play on the beach. I can't wait to see the chaos that Olive and Bennett finally create together.

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