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So very sorry. I hope the repair process is as easy as possible.

Oh no!! I'm sorry. :-( Here's hoping for a better weekend. Hugs.

Thanks you two. He did a face plant while holding a ball the last hour of camp. We rolled into the dentist at ten of five to locked doors. Luckily a nurse answered my knocks and a dentist (not ours) drove back to the clinic to put sealer on the exposed nerve. And now we wait to see Elias's dentist and postpone our camping/dip-netting trip. Ugh. He fought the sealer, not sure how the hell his dentist will be able to cap it-- and he may need oral surgery:(

Make sure you get it checked out soon to see if a) there is a root problem and b) coat it so gunk doesn't get in. Also, this happened to my kid and the repair job is painless, and relatively quick. There's temporary fix in place for 6 months and then the real fix,which should last years and years. It happens. Hang in there.

that is horrible! but coming from someone who has broken both of her front teeth (in a freak ski accident) I can tell you they can fix it to look perfectly natural. No one knows mine were bonded for years and now I have them capped so they don't give me any trouble at all. Hang in there!

Oh no! I hope the trauma didn't taint his camp experience...or any future dentist experiences! Hugs to all of you!

Oh wow! Hope his camp experience is not tainted now....or any other future dentist visits! He's still adorable...now he's got that rough bad boy exterior all the girls really want! :)

Yikes just checking in for the update on this. hope everything has gone smoothly. so sorry!

So sorry to hear about tooth. I have had my front tooth repaired to look like normal (long story). When my son needed dental work, he was referred to a 'special needs' dentist and mildly sedated during the procedure. It worked out very well.

Checking in--everything okay?

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