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So glad the the surgery went okay, so glad you could have your annual big-family salmon extravaganza on the shores of Kenai. Wishing you all a quick recovery and return to regular life.

I appreciate your update when you have so much to do. I am glad it went so well, and have been thinking about you.

Oh, this is so beautiful. I'm crying reading it. The randomness is so scary to me but at the same time such a valuable reminder of how small we are in this enormous universe, you know? I'm glad that the surgery went well, and I'm so grateful for these thoughtful reflections on how to keep walking through the water, even when the eddies of its randomness threaten to unsteady us. xox

Such an evocative post. Such a swirl of emotions. I'm grateful that Elias came through surgery fine and you got the time to fill your heart and your freezer. The rest? I can't wrap my brain around either. Sending love.

so glad the surgery went well, and I hope the recovery is going well, too. Sending you lots of good thoughts!

Christy, your writing is so beautiful, honest, and resonating. I love reading your blog, and getting to share in your Alaskan life and journey as a Parent.

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