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He may not be crying, but geesh - one of your readers is! The stories of him are so heart-touching! ANd part of it is the way you write them - we feel it. It's so nice of your to share his world with us...... I feel like I need to get an ELIAS FAN! t-shirt! What a great kid....

Post catch up comments: Loved the one from your journal. And the Barbie lunchbox one. And this one. Love your writing, love your kids. That is all. Carry on.

I don't mean to be the softie here but would it be so bad to give him extra time with the counselor? isn't that why teachers send their kids to the same school where they teach? isn't that one of the few perks? it isn't like Elias wouldn't qualify for special attention after all...he might have more going on in that brain of his and need more help figuring it all out. I know you can't appear to play favorites but which teacher among your peers wouldn't understand that? I know he is great without you but why must we make our kids so tough anyway....special treatment is what all kids deserve. don't feel guilty about it. hold his face longer and to heck with the other kids.....at least for a moment.

Can't put my finger on it exactly, but I love this story. I love that Elias got up and did it (some adults don't). I love that the older boy tried to stop the game (hopefully to try to keep E from getting hurt) and I love that you told them to keep playing (he is tough) and I love that you figured a way (at least for today) to be with Elias and with your playground friends.

I am struggling with this as well. My son is in Kinder this year and although he has been at school since he was three, he has always been in my husbands class. He really like being with daddy a KILLS me. My 2nd grader struggles as well. She doesn't full out cry anymore, but she hugs me and doesn't want to leave. It is so hard not to run into their classrooms and hug them and let them have me all day. I would love to volunteer in their room like the other moms do.
However, I DO love being able to talk to their teachers daily.
It is a toss up...

Don't you just love those special moments during the day that you get with him that you wouldn't if he were at another school? That's one thing I love about my kids being at the same school with me. Special memories I wouldn't want to miss!

Storkwatcher, your t-shirt comment made my day (and sure, it was a few days ago but I'm still glowing.)

Kate, love your comments:)

Fleming, I hear you on this one and I guess I often worry that a visit with me won't help. I'm not the counselor giving him ways to get through the day when he's homesick, I'm his Mom. But, who knows, maybe a quick hug from Mom or a short time playing with me would be all he needs. I'll think more on it, my friend.

Thanks you for sharing your love of this story Shelley, you help me want to keep writing, even on days it feels hard.

Jessica, it is a toss up. I haven't visited Elias class during lunch yet though I have visited the other 3rd grade b/c I worry about setting him off. And yet I have been able to just pop in on his teacher when his class is out and ask, "How's he doing?"

Miss you Stacey, we should compare special moments over chocolate:)

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