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An amazing adventure. Glad you were able to connect so well with all those around you. I love that every post I learn something new or you provide me something to ponder.

Thank you Dayna. I am very grateful to have gone and am hoping that I can somehow stay connected to the women I met in Klukwan.

I had reservations about posting some of my journal entries here, worried they would be misconstrued. Especially the part: "somewhere in my brain is this belief as well, that as a white woman I am somehow better than people of color." I almost cut it. For 20 years now, ever since my sophomore year of college when I took an American Studies class with Phyllis Rogers who was of both Cherokee and African descent, and I first learned about white privilege and a historical perspective from a different lens, I've been working to erase those old tapes in my head. And I guess I think its important to admit that they are there. Along with all the other recycled tapes like the one who tells me that women are inferior to men. Even though I know none of this is true...

This is the second powerful thing I'vve read this week referencing Tlingit culture. You would probably really enjoy this, Christy.


Thanks for sharing your experience!

Thanks for the link Angie, I'm off to read it now:)

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