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Oh no!!! Sorry that this is not the "happy friday" post! Hope you can get some good family time this weekend and maybe some alone time or just time for you and Nick or one on one time with each of the kids. Or if not at least some beer and/or chocolate. Anyway, it is a marathon not a sprint and I know you're in it for the long haul. Hope the sun comes out again soon, but if not know that your devoted readers are here regardless.

sounds like you need a good cry and then some strenuous exercise...always helps me. I'm thinking of you.

It is so hard to endure a terminal grief for what should have been. Losing what is the core of human connection is crushing certainly. You expose what other special needs parents think and feel but simply cannot express. Thank you for giving a voice to that.

Although I don't live the life you do, I'm sorry it's so hard. But I fully appreciate the fact that you and Nick do all you can to help Elias be all he can. Regardless of how frustrating it must be, you all are making the difference for him. Even though I don't "know" you, I know that. Elias is lucky, and you are too--even if it doesn't always feel that way.

Oh boy. Be kind to yourselves, take the time oyu need when you can find it, and go for a long walk alone. Hang in there.

Thanks all. I've been sick, my yearly return to work cold I seem to get every Labor Day weekend, which never helps my mood. My mind always matches my body and between falling off the ladder, chills and body aches and a stuffy head, and chronic heel issues that have kept me from soccer and running for months, well, I'm a bit of a mess. And Elias is struggling too with the transition of returning to school, evening homework, and just plain exhaustion from keeping up with all the other kids. Not our best week. But yes, it is a marathon, and the sun will return and in the meantime, these dark chocolate covered soy nuts sure taste good.

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