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oh I am soooooooo glad to hear that you WILL be working! I have had that little niggling worried thought about your impending unemployment all summer. I know that good news/bad news dichotomy well....but those faces that brighten your day while you brighten theirs are SO worth it. take care!

Thank goodness you still have your job. I didn't want to ask, but was wondering. Those kids need you. Looking forward to hearing more about..we...everything!

Happy to hear you are back at work. Eating is not over-rated.

Great news about your position!! Congrats!! Bummer on the end of summer holidays though.

So happy that you still have a postion at the school.

Great news that you got to keep your job! Sounds like you're great at it. Those kids are lucky to have you!

Also, OMGoodness look how big those kiddos are getting!!!!

I have been MIA as well....focused on kids and summer fun and total hedonism/escapism. School starts next week and though the schedule is needed, we have loved the free flow that epitomizes summer in the ackermann household. congrats on your gainful employment as I know there are so many out there still looking/hoping.

glad to hear about being at work--I'm in my classroom setting up (on a Saturday--avoiding custodians and other teachers so I can focus) and know the feeling all too well--so glad to have a job and yet wistful about summer vacation. Here's to yet another fun school year!

Thanks all! Yes, food and a home and all the essentials that money can buy make a job invaluable. I also happen to really like working as a school counselor at my neighborhood school and am so relieved to be returning. Even if it means time away from everything else I love...

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