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Oh my!! So glad you weren't seriously injured. Hope recovery is quick!

So glad you are ok. And glad you got back up again.

Very glad you are O.K., and I'll bet the exercise you regularly get contributed to your ability to land and roll.

So glad you are okay!

WOW! Scary! Glad all is well... and you show that damn tree who's boss!

now you have a great excuse for taking a very long bubble bath...

so relieved you are ok.

um, be careful!

I think this post is giving your parents heart attacks! stay safe my friend!

I am relieved you are okay...and what I love about your writing, as someone who doesn't know you, is that you have the most fucking VOICE of anyone in the cyber world! Thank you!

Glad you are okay! Hope you treated yourself to a drink afterwards.

Sarah Lynn, falling all the time in soccer and hockey definitely helped with my ability to land well. (Minus the forgetting to drop the clippers).
Flem, I made sure to call my parents on Friday and tell them the story so they didn't read it her for the first time:)
Yes, Lee, I did have a drink afterwards and Traci, what a compliment, thank you!
To all, I'm no longer walking like I'm 80, my bruises are awfully pretty and it has made for a great story for the kids here at school. I have even brought a 6-foot ladder into classrooms and used my fall as a metaphor for my role as a counselor. We will all fall and my job is to help them figure out how to rise again. When I climb to the top rung, I definitely have all the students attention. And yes, I make sure to set up the ladder properly:)

Glad you are okay and impressed you were able to make it a teaching point!

Soccer and hockey helped I'm sure, but careful with those sharp edges!! Glad you're OK!! :)

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