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it's moments like those you just mentioned that carry us through the times when pulling our hair out seems like the only alternative- and they always seem to come at just the right time!

If they knew how easy we were to please they might try things like that more often! glad your weekend was restoring. xo.

smiling for you!

So glad it was a good weekend! What a roller coaster this whole parenting thing is. Just when you think you've got a handle on it, it surprises you. And sometimes in just the right way.

It really sounds like Elias is growing into some new skills and empathy. Wow.

Just another manic Monday...

Oh Elias had another full melt-down at school today because he didn't want to leave his classroom to go to speech. He even drew blood when he hit or squeezed or scratched his Aide in the face. Just a small mark but still. This is the same Aide he told me he wanted to marry, who is our respite worker, and on the weekend days when she picks him up in the afternoon, he spends the whole morning asking, "Is it time for Ms. Julia?"

When we talked about it later he told me he didn't remember hitting her. "Were we in the hall?" he asked. Yes, thankfully this all happened out of sight of his peers. I'm not sue if he really doesn't remember or doesn't want to talk about it with me.

Oh man, just when I felt a smidgeon of hope now I'm back to wanting to disappear in my own puddle.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

2 steps forward, one step back.....

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