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So, so true!


You should print some of these to refresh your psyche in the dark winter.

I particularly like that last one. Good perspective.

I haven't responded in ages but just know that I am ALWAYS reading your blog- I so treasure your words- you have so much on your plate-wow- I always take a deep breath before I read your latest blog- you and Nick are such soulmates- you are so blessed to have found him- you guys are the best. Elias is pushing you both so much- I feel so much for you-I know where you are coming from and you have so much more to tackle...he is stronger and it makes it so much harder. AND you have another very strong child-dear Olivia!! BUT you guys are surrounded by love from so many special people. I am so proud of you for putting it out there- so healthy and so good for you. I would love for Nick to talk again like he did a long time ago- you both are so special.

Thank you Noel, I'm glad to know you are still in our corner rooting for us!

Glad I posted these pics b/c are first frost came two nights ago and my Dahlias are now dead:( Nothing gold can stay, huh?

Maybe frame the pics & put in your house?

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