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I hope things have calmed since you wrote this, both in and out of your home! May I recommend. "Positive Discipline for the Child with Special Needs"? Our whole agency uses the tenets therein, and personally I felt like it gave me ideas about what to do, so I didn't feel as helpless. And the strategies really work! Good luck, I know you'll do the right thing, whatever that may be!

Perhaps Elias is acting out because he can't verbally articulate his feelings. Have you considered taking him to a Psychologist to help him do just that? There are so many programs that they can use such as 'How Does Your Engine Run' and 'The Incredible 5-point Scale' for mood regulation.

I hope things are better for all of you tomorrow!

I agree about exploring some other outlets for his frustration. When does he seem to feel most at peace with his body and emotions? Incorporating some kind of movement or something into his day. I don't know what he connects with although he looks beyond happy in that riding picture with octopus. I know you have explored all these things before and are probably exhausting yourselves and your resources pursuing them but I think frustration is a key underlying theme and some kind of physical release might help. Not trying to solve anything. Just my thoughts. In any case keep writing and exercising for your own release and hang in there! Hugs!

The not being able to physically contain him is scary. That might just mean that he stays home a lot. That might be a consequence that works or at the very least keeps him safe. The kinds of things that work with younger children might be effective but tough to do when he is getting too big and heavy for you. Good luck.

Love you & wish we could help! Call on us for a babysitting break or whatever!

I'm so sorry. Hang in there.

It's the rinse-repeat-rinse-repeat nature of raising children that is so darn difficult. Hang in there through this tough time...another family dance will come your way...

Liz, I will look for that book. Thank you, I am always open to suggestions.

Lee and Kate, I agree that when he acts out there is more to it. He can't say, "I'm frustrated because..." It often has to do with us setting firm limits and him pushing against them. Sometimes we can give a little but when safety is a concern we can't. We saw a psych last year and did not find it to be the most successful use of our time but it could have been the wrong connection. And yes, i wish he could ride horses all year but there currently isn't an indoor program for a rider like him. Though I'm still on the search.

S.E., the hard thing about staying home is he's a kid who loves going out. He loves walks and errands and social time. We just never know when it will be a smooth ride and when it won't. So we are often on egg shells. Plus we do like to involve him in the world beyond our home.

Stacey, Nicks going hunting next week so i may be a callin':)

Thank you Sara and danielle, what goes up must come down and I know we will be dancing again. Just in a hard phase right now.

Love having you all here:)

@Christy--It's good to be picky for psych's(if you decide to go that route), some are good for different families just like any other doctor. It took 3 Psychologists before we found the right one for Randy.

OT--The flowers in the next post are just beautiful. Nothing like the Midwest.

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