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Oh boy, What a day. From low to high to worrying that perfect strangers know what you do every evening!

Hugs. Just...hugs. Hugs for the scary, hugs for the silly, hugs for the love you need to remember is there. Always.

Sometimes Elias reminds me of my boy, Rooster. This time, though, Olive reminds me of my girl, Peaches. Even though Peaches is six now, and six going on at least 17, I vividly, vividly, so vividly recall her at Olive's age: the messes, the wisdom, the reading my mind, the refusing to wear clothes, the difficulty of helping her understand her unique brother, those one liners in the grocery store or anyplace else. How I wish we could all get together for a meal, some healthy food for the kids, some boxes of wine for the adults!

Thanks all. Oh I think we'd have a lot to talk about a lot of wine to drink if we had time together.

It often works that when I write about how challenging Elias can be than we have a really nice night together as a family. Tonight was one of those nights.

I think good times often follow the bad ones. There is probably *something* to it--besides its helping us stay sane. It may be that these explosions are related to some kind of intense process (or processing) Elias is going through and then that he is relaxed after having let it all out. Wouldn't it be great to find a safe outlet for Elias (and all our kids?) When I was growing up, friends of the family had a boy (preteen) whom they sent to scream therapy. I overheard my parents mocking this idea But I wonder now if this therapy helped? The kid turned out fine (I hear.) Not recommending, just pondering.

A few years ago one of my students finished the writing prompt, "My Mom is happy when..." with "she drinks beer"! At the time I have to admit I thought that was sad. Now, I am just afraid one day my kids will say the same about me!!!

Danielle, I do feel like his outbursts are somewhat beyond his control and from being over-loaded and afterwards he is calmer. Finding that perfect outlet would be amazing. Some safe way for him to unload without hurting his sister...

Oh Lisa, you gave me a great big smile. Thank you for your comment, I shared it with Nick:)

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