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This has me in a weepy puddle. So much beauty and so much progress. SO much to be thankful for even when the hard days seem so very, very hard. Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

way to go Elias! great thinking with that round head of yours! Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family...valerie

Beautiful!! Elias processes slower than the normal child but he does process. He has come so far from the day of his birth - we are so lucky to have him with us. He is teaching us ALL some things that only Elias can do in his own time frame. Patience is a virtue.

Drive safely and have a wonderful Turkey Day. We miss you and will see you soon.

Good Lord. What an amazing post. So happy for you. I think Elias got his amazing head from you, Christy!! (Sorry, Nick--if I knew you I could give you some credit, too.)

I am grateful for you and your beautiful family. Also for your amazing writing. Happy Thanksgiving!

So happy to have such faithful readers who fill me up with your words. Been away from the computer but all is well. Will write soon.

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