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You poor thing! Vent all you like, that looks painful! When feeling down, a few episodes of 'Jerry' or 'Maury' should so the trick. Very entertaining, guilty pleasure!

I KNOW you are not old since you are more than a year younger than me! you could never be frumpy and as for stressed, well I guess it just goes with the territory. hope the elbow and heal get better in a hurry. sending TLC your way.

Love the billy bob teeth. My husband uses that concept as his go-to costume. Funny. We've dealt w/ chronic hives for periods of time in this house, and it was stress. Funny how it manifests itself physically. Feel better. Can a doc help drain your elbow?

You are allowed to complain, for goodness sakes, and you are certainly not old and frumpy. Hang in there!

I am getting over plantars fasciitis myself. Stretching has been helping me. I always keep Benadryl in my purse in case of hives (I break out in stress hives!). One way to make chocolate chips go farther is to put them in oatmeal. Yum! Don't know a darn thing about bursitis. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Your ailments sound suspiciously like entries in a botany textbook.
Seriously, get better soon. Take this as a sign that you need to kick back and relax...and maybe include some walks as opposed to more strenuous forms of exercise. I'm rooting for you (ha ha).

The elbow is impressive and that says a lot considering where I work. Totally entitled to some complaining and chocolate. Hope everything gets better soon. Hope you are icing it, taking anti/inflammatory pain meds and generally taking it easy. That is my professional and personal advice. "it can always be worse" was my mantra in Peace Corps and ever since. Always reminds me of my blessings.

My elbow swelling has been going down all on its own so it looks like I won't need it drained. Less painful today too so I should be good to play hockey again by our next game Wednesday. Had a date with Nick last night, even got to dance to live music, so I'm in a much better emotional state than I was this week. Thanks all for permission to complain, I've been feeling pretty pathetic lately. Happy Saturday:)

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