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This is such a hard thing to talk about with little ones. I usually tell mine it's because not everyone's mommy and papa have good jobs like theirs and that we're very fortunate. So we have to share some of what we have. I hope my girls always will.

Here's another take on the conversation. Olive is still a toddler, but it was her bedtime and her constant 'Why' questions were probably more to delay her actual bedtime than to get answers. It works great at naptime too! ;)

Lee I think she would have said, "why mama?" to almost anything I said that night to not go to bed, true. Yet she did change her demeanor when I told her some kids don't have beds --from whiny brat to kind-hearted angel-- so I think a part of her was actually curious. At two almost three she won't yet ask the tough questions about inequality but my guess is we will have some challenging conversations before too long. Until then she will merely delay bedtime...

Lisa, good answer, I too hope we will always share...

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