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Happy birthday:) 40 seems so young, enjoy. hope you have a great day.

Thanks s.e.! My birthday was actually yesterday and I had a great day. We got fresh snow for the first time in awhile. Nick surprised me by inviting friends over for cake after a delicious dinner. Elias told everyone he saw at school that it was his Mom's birthday and Olive even wrapped up a Christmas ribbon, all by herself, and gave it to me as a b-day gift. On Friday Nick and I get to go down to Seward, without the kids, who will be in Palmer with their grandparents. Really, I couldn't be happier:)

love these photos! 40 is hard to believe, and i'm sure we'll be saying that when we are 80. xo

Life Begins - or so they say!! Happy 40th!!!

Happy Birthday, Christy!! Enjoy 40, it's got its really good points :)

Have a great time in Seward - childless!! Thank you Kathy and Bruce. You can't be 40 - time flies when you are happy!!

Fabulous photos! I'll be 50 in June - I can't wait !

I love the kids' reactions to your birthday - very cute.

Great photos, Christy. Here's hoping this year is a great one for all of you.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday- I cannot believe you are 40!!!
Can't wait to see your parents in another few months when they go to Florida and you guys are going this year too! I know they will be so excited to have you all there.
Great pics

Happy Birthday, a day late.

Great pictures of you! Glad you will get some time away with just Nick! I turn 40 this year too but somehow in my head I'm perpetually 27. Wishing you wonderful things this year!

love the skating pictures and birthday stories. Isn't it great to have a special day? Enjoy your weekend with Nick. You deserve it!

Happy birthday!

How did you get to forty? on lots of sheer guts, laughter, tenderness, love and only occasional forays into self-pity and rage, to prove you're human. You rock!
Happy Bday.

Happy Birthday!!

Christy....happy late birthday...this year I turn sixty and I say the same thing...Not quite sure how I got this far...love valerie

So beautiful!

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