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I have followed your writng for years. Today more than ever I felt compelled to comment.DO live closer to your family. I lost my Father when I was three. Oh how I would give anything to have time with him. Having the choice to be together and not, is such a waste.

All my best,

GREAT photo, Christy! Are those Taft varsity sweats I see on your pop? Is everyone still there or was this taken over Christmas? Doldrums here in Cincinnati. Back to routines.

Thank you Kathy. I love that you all get along so well; I feel really blessed.

Deb, thank you for following Elias over the years and for taking a moment to write. I do think about moving closer. The hard thing is if we were to do that we'd be moving away from Nick's parents and we love them too. And our family of friends here in Alaska. And then there is just something magical about this state. But I appreciate you sharing your reasoning and what I commit to for now is not ever letting a year pass without us seeing each other. I'll see them again in March and then July so it was an easier goodbye this time around.

Fleming, yes, those are Taft Varsity sweats:) And no, they aren't still here:( This picture was taken over winter break on their last day visiting. Yes, we are back in the ole routine as well though we had a nice surprise ice-day yesterday making for two three-day weekends in a row.

Beautiful photo! Please share some of that snow with some of us in the Midwest!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! wishing you a peaceful and fun day....and wishing that I could actually cheers with you! XoX.

Nick is apparently badass enough that he does not need the same level of insulation as the rest of you.

I recognized those sweats on your dad too. Must have had to buy mine from the school store as I was never on anything varsity. I do remember how fleecy and cozy they are on the inside. Might need to get another pair the way this winter is going! Glad you had a great visit with your folks. We live far away from ours too. Trade offs.

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