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Very challenging but I am still clinging to the progress here. Seems to me he wasn't showing this kind of remorse and insight until just recently. Even if its glacial its still forward! Hang in there and keep on writing it out! Maybe hockey season soon too?

Karen, thank you, your work experience gives me hope that you might just be right. That someday we will look back and remember the days when he was a grabbing squeezing threat to his sister.

Kate, yes, he is making progress and I see it too. There are times when they play well together and I can leave them alone in a room for a second without sheer terror at what may happen. After this incident Elias started to use his hands to try to get her to do something but pulled them back and used his words. I was right there to praise him like crazy. And hockey has started up again, I have a double-header on Sunday night so I know I'll have some extra frustration to fuel me even faster towards the net. Thanks!

I just wanted to tell you what a good job I think you and Nick are doing with Elias and Olive. I can only imagine how difficult managing their needs and wants must be, but you do it, day in and day out! Parenting, in general, can be a thankless job, and with a special boy like Elias that's probably even more true. I am grateful that you share your joys and challenges here - I always enjoy reading your posts and they give me lots to think about in my own parenting style (I have a 12-year-old girl and an 18-month-old boy). So I just want to say, "Keep up the great work!" And thank you.

Remember what delays mean. My daughter is 16 now and a lot of her skills (her academic skills are all below grade 2) are way below her age. If you think of him as a preschooler and adjust your expectations accordingly that might help? And even NT siblings hurt each other both by accident and on purpose. My 20 and 23 year old sons still wrestle very hard occasionally leaving bruises and scratches, they live in different cities now too.
I admire your candor and honesty about how life is for you with Elias.

I am with those whoposted above who say they see progress---so do I, big progress. Two steps forward, one step back, and you willget there, in twice the time, but who cares?? Also, Christy, you need to visit www.literarymama.com and look under calls of rsubmissions. They're looking for parents of children with disabilities to write about their lives. I hope you don't think me presumptuous, but there is so much you have tosay--please consider submitting something. Best,

Kristen, thank you so much for your kind words, it really helps, especially on days when i feel like all I'm doing is acting as a referee for my kids. s.e., I need this reminder always, that he is really not 8 but more like a toddler when it comes to his emotions and handling conflict. And yes, I remember kicking my big brother as hard as I could in the balls and I have no idea what we were fighting about but I remember seeing him cry and realizing I had more power than I thought. And D, thank you for letting me know about the call for submissions. I do want to publish beyond my blog and work towards a book someday so I appreciate your encouragement!

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