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I forgot we share a birthday! Happy birthday Elias! Hope you have a wonderful year!

I remember the day he was born. I remember holding hands with my colleagues in the hallway of PNA praying he would survive the night. You are an amazing woman and I admire your strength--and his. Happy Birthday Elias!

9 amazing years and nobody knew you would even have the chance for one! miracle boy. Happy Birthday. XoX.

Hope it was happy, Elias!

happy belated birthday!

wow, handsome guy. Congratulations, Christy, on 9 years of wonderful, crazy, exhilarating, frustrating, heart and soul motherhood.

Happy Birthday to Elias! I have been reading your blog for a long time and should have posted long before now. My own preemie son, born at 23w6d, will also turn nine years old this month. I cannot tell you how often I recognize our situation in your posts. Your writing is beautiful and you convey all of the emotions involved in parenting a complex former preemie so artfully and eloquently. Thank you for sharing!

Is this the same cutie who (it seems) not too long ago was a toddler walking with a a walker and calling himself 'Eyias'? Happy Birthday Elias, have a great 9th birthday!!!

Sorry its taken me a little bit to reply to all your comments. We spent Elias's b-day at the adaptive ski center in Girdwood called Challenge. I surprised Elias by inviting a girl he likes from his class who is also on the Autism Spectrum to check out the program with her family. And then doubly surprised him by inviting family friends to the chalet for cake when he finished his lesson. Even his Aide Ms. Julia came. It was great. He was so excited he ran in circles and fell down as we all watched. A highlight was a thirty-something man in a wheelchair and a six-year-old girl with canes who we know from the program leading everyone in a joyous happy birthday song to Elias. I wish I had my camera out for this snapshot but it was one of those moments that you have to capture by just being there and not watching through a lens

Betsy, I still remember learning that you all stood in the hallway and said a prayer for me and Elias and how touched I felt by that as i sat vigil by his isolette. That and the bake sale and the kindergarteners giving me their pictures they drew for him. I felt so embraced by the PNA community. Thank you!

Lauren, thank you for letting me know you are out there reading and connecting to my words. It means a lot, especially on the days when i wonder why I write or feel at a loss for words.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for my boy. I still plan to write a longer birthday letter/post for Elias but the writing I've been doing the last few days has been to try to save counselor positions in our school district. I spoke in front of the board again last night. Planned on posting my speech here tonight but just realized its on my work computer so instead I am just writing a longer than usual comment that I'm not even sure if anyone will read:)

Never doubt that your posts are not being read! I am so glad Elias had such an amazing birthday!

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