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Me too. Love it.

Good for you for being able to move past the earlier ugliness and boogie with your boy! Sometimes I have trouble with that myself when my kiddos hurt me. Of course I realize I am the adult...but hurt feelings are hurt feelings no matter how old you are.

Shelley, I can't always move beyond and yet Elias, once he's calmed down, always acts as if nothing just happened. I long for him to feel remorse but I'm beginning to realize this may not be possible for awhile, if ever. I think I wrote about this moment b/c dancing is what helped me move on; I was still frustrated with him when he asked but I've always loved to dance and so thought what the hell. And the act of us doing it together helped me more than I could have predicted.

This time you were able to do it! It can't be easy and it wasn't, but you did. Take that little victory for yourself.

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