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I've been looking forward to good news from you about your husband, but all this is blowing me away.

So happy for you. Your family deserves all the goodness.

Much needed...and deserved good news! I was expecting a full-on neck collar. Nick looks amazing for just coming out of this surgery!

So happy for you all!

Yay! All the good news more than deserved! Rest up and take care. xoxo

Yes, yes, yes!!! Oh, such good news. Hope you have a peaceful, hopeful, and love-filled weekend.

Jeanne and I are very, very happy for you. What extraordinarily positive news these past couple of days! May they keep on coming without interruption. And the best part must be is that Elias and Olive can feel how wonderful all this news is.

So happy for you all. That sounds like a wonderful job opportunity for him.

Great, great news all the way around!

I'm so glad everything has, so far, worked out okay!! I've lived there on that cusp of oh-shit-what-are-we-going-to-do that it's still always a surprise to me when life doesn't kick me in the solar plexus again and things work out for the most part.

Happy healing, and good luck with the new transitions ahead of you!!

Just catching up! Eeek and WHEW! So glad Nick's surgery went well and congrats on the job offer to him!

Will keep fingers and toes crossed for your job security. Sending good thoughts your way from the mid-Atlantic!

Love it! So thrilled for all of you. Hope this streak continues.

Prayers answered! You were in my thoughts.

I love you all, thank you for your support!

Greta, he does have a soft neck brace which he needs to wear in the car and on walks etc. I think when the kids come home tomorrow he should wear it just as a visual for them. As my friend Pili said, maybe we should add flashing lights and a stop sign to it:)

And here is my other thing to be thankful for, my friend Audrey who knows I am more of a "heater upper" than a cook and that Nick is the chef in this family, organized a meal chain so we have had dinners delivered since Nick returned from the hospital. Am I spoiled or what? I mean I can cook, um, I can make a mean salad or some pretty awesome chocolate chip cookies but dinners, meat, fish, well, um... lets just say Nick is happy for the deliveries as well.

So happy to hear your good news - you must be so relieved. Take care of each other.

all great news and well deserved. keep taking care of each other. xo

Fantastic news...best wishes for a speedy, speedy recovery for Nick, and more good news on every front. And enjoy those meals. Like you, I am not much of a cook so I really appreciate (on you behalf) the meals!

So glad the universe is smiling on you!

WOW the sun came out from behind those dark clouds!! I am still keeping every finger crossed for no pink slip but this is fantastic news!! A huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Ah what great news!! Congrats all round!

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