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My 6 year old still likes a (brief) snuggle and one recent night when I was tired and trying to opt out, he protested, "But Mama, when we snuggle it's like our hearts are kissing!" Guess who got an extra long snuggle that night?

Oh, I would have given him an extra long snuggle that night too:)

She looks sweet enough to eat! Wouldn't it be great if all of the crazy" sneak outs" from our kids rooms were caught on tape? I know I would howl at some of my own clumsy attempts. Now I just tell them that I want to go snuggle Daddy! xo.

Insert the name Christian for Olive and you are describing my bedtime routine to a T. Without his dad here too much and with trying to move it's compounded. I am so lucky when he's asleep by nine. Casey takes his melatonin and is asleep in ten minutes.

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