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One of my favorite posts....one of your best writings, I believe.

Oh I loved this blog- and the pictures- great to hear your voice again. You write so beautifully! Looking forward to having your parents the end of the month.

I love this one! And I love you! Perfectly imperfect, that's all of us. I'm going to see my parents in Florida this week, I wish we could be there together walking into the wind towards our families. xoxo my friend.

Woah...this is a good one!

I love all of you! Thanks for reminding me why I need to always write.

It occurs to me that I have been reading your writing since around the time Elias was born...but I only occasionally comment. I just wanted to say that I'm still here reading (and loving your photographs)...and you still amaze me.

That is some powerful writing, Christy. Parenting is a daily challenge and we always wonder if we doing a good enough job. I'm thinking we need to accept being imperfect parents as much as we need to accept having imperfect children.

Love this piece and glad you're back. I'm an imperfect parent to our imperfect children.

I just happened on this and it made me cry. Thank you for reminding me that life is beautiful because of its challenges.

Catherine, thank you for letting me know you are still following and for your kind words.

Adam, yes! I know every day I need to accept all my imperfections:)

Thanks Kate, good to hear from you too:)

Anne, I'm glad you happened upon us and hope you will return.

We are adjusting to Nick working and Olive in full-time preschool, almost through our first week and barely hanging on for the weekend. Hope to have a chance to write again soon.

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