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Sharing it now!
Rooster's mom

I can't wait to read it, based on this post alone.

I'm happy to share this, Christy. And, will definitely pick it up to read. Thanks!

I am intrigued and looking forward to reading his story!

Sounds very cool! I liked it on FB!

Just finished reading!(via iBook download).
Could not put the book down, read it straight through. To the," Dan Bigley family/friends"- for sharing your story- *of being*- "Beyond the Bear..."
Thank you.

Tell me you have seen ''Grizzly man'' by Werner Herzog. It is the best documentary I have seen. I'd love a chance to have the book, But I am just barely active on facebook.

Wow! This book sounds amazing - liked it on Facebook.

I shared your post on fb, great write-up. I am excited to have discovered your blog - thanks for sharing.

I'm sharing and liking - as much for the book and Dan as for you and your writing! Thanks, Christy!

Liked his fb page. Looking forward to reading the whole story b

Thank you all for liking and sharing; we'll draw a name at the end of the week.

Ellie, yes I've seen Grizzly Man, Treadwell was highly debated man here in AK for his interactions with bears. I thought the movie was well done too.

For my long time readers, the co-author of this book Deb Mckinney was the reporter who did a story on my writing group at the senior center, that included my second pregnancy, and was slated to come out the weekend after I miscarried. I called her before family to let her know I lost the baby and ended up trusting her enough to let her include the miscarriage in the front-page story.

(I'd link to my blog post about this if Parents.com hadn't kept all my writing from that time.)

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