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Life is all about...just guessing. The beauty of Elias is that, as you say, he guesses WITHOUT REGRET. Let's all learn little bit from him....

Couldn't agree more about the limited assessment of standardized tests, and thanks for the great memories of Potter... one of the best teachers ever. :-)

I remember my first class with Potter (Design Perspective, has to be the same guy). You learned to see the world anew from that guy.

Luckily, most kids will survive their "education" just fine.

Elias, you made my day!!!

Before my kids were born I taught first grade for 5 years. I couldn't stand the focus on testing, and I was actually lucky because I did not have to worry about it much in first grade. It really is sad the time taken on preparing for a test that could be spent on something else. It is even worse that Special Ed students need to take the SAME test without any adaptations. I know that certain students that are not meeting expectations had to take...you guessed it...MORE tests! I am hoping that when I go back to teaching there will not be such a focus on testing because it really is a shame.

I hope Elias will always feel such nonchalance toward the tests. Too many of my students with special needs are needlessly stressed out by these tests that don't reflect at all the gains they have truly made.

And me--I have spent the last two days monitoring a bathroom. I don't mind helping my school, but always feel bad being paid speech therapist money to say, "Shhhh" all day long!

We yearn for normalcy when we fall outside the lines; yet we strive to distinguish ourselves among the masses.

Found out Elias only answered 7 questions on his first test, the reading test. But what matters to me is that he felt like he did good. Danielle, I love your comment b/c I am guessing my way through life every day. There are no right answers.

And yes, Sara and Hawes, potter was one in a million:)

Kristine and Lisa, I too hope we move away from standardized tests as our main indicators of student success. We all know there are some many more ways to show what we've learned.

Greta, so true.

Thanks all!!!

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