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oh my goodness! Is it common to have a moose stand outside your house? Or maybe I should ask -- is it dangerous to have a moose outside your house? If you go outside, what will it do?

Vicki <----- imagining a moose kicking through the window

Anne, you would get use to them but you might not want to run in the woods:)

Vicki, it is common for us to see moose in the yard but we can go months without seeing them too. It can be dangerous, especially when they have a baby with them or are agitated already from cars. We just try to give them a wide birth if we need to pass them by. Sometimes they just look at us and keep eating but both Nick and I have had a moose bluff charge us and luckily we have been able to dodge behind trees and the moose have continued on their way. It keeps us on our toes on our runs, skis and walks for sure:)

Great pics!

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