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Beautiful! You write so well. Can't wait to see you all!

Dear Christy,

Thank you.

I am you - pre Elias - and without the Elias wake-up call. Not always, not every day--I do manage to have my beauty-of-the-here-and-now moments but boy, as an Ivy grad, trilingual blablabla mother of three neurotypical geniuses (ha, ha) I sometimes find myself staring at that finish line. The one festooned with degrees and success and books and perfection. Staring so hard at that finish line that I am blinding myself and I worry those around me.

Just so you know...I quote YOU to myself when I wake up in the night anxious about some stupid race that is probably not worth running--yeah, I quote you to remind myself of what matters.

And for the record, I do not tell myself, danielle, don't sweat it, look at Christy, it could be worse. No. Because of what you write I tell myself, Danielle don't sweat this crap and it will be better. Life will be better if you slow down and love in the present tense.

It usually works.

So thank you.
Hug from Danielle in Zurich

beautifully written.
still following elias,

He is beautiful, you are beautiful and the life you are making together...scratches and all.

Christy, you are so damn talented, and amazing. I appreciate and value the reminders of how important it is to just stop, be, look and appreciate. It makes me think of a book one of my yoga teachers mentioned the other day - On Looking, about how the author walked around the block(s) near her house with different "experts"... each had very different views of what they say, what happened, the beauty, etc. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my iPad, so hopefully soon. :-) Wishing you all the best, and thank you, as always, for your posts.

Sara, thank you! And that book sounds interesting and reminds me of how Nick and i will take walks around our neighborhood in the summer and he notices all the detail work on the houses but I only notice the gardens and landscaping so we can never discuss what we saw afterwards:)

Danielle, I love what you wrote thank you! I'm honored that you quote me on those anxious nights:)

Thank you Mom, Tina, and Fleming for always following and cheering me along:)

So beautifully and powerfully written, as always. And I will keep coming back whether it's an f day or a good day.

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