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Enjoy your break! I rarely comment, but love your blog. My 8 year old son Brayden was born 6 weeks early after a very scary pregnancy. He spent 16 days in the NICU and has some lasting effects of his early days. Anyway, I relate to much of what you write and you move me to tears (happy and sad) often.


Enjoy your summer! Enjoy your children! Will miss seeing pictures of them and the lovely scenery where you live as it really is beautiful. Happy Summer!

Enjoy your summer! Your readers will be here if u need to vent, or update us.

Oh yes, vent, I definitely may need to still come here to vent:) And/or to share a picture or too.

Amanda, thank you for sharing:)

Happy summer all:)

Yes take a break you deserve it. I'm a reader who rarely comments but is always following. My 4 year old has cp and your's was the first blog I read after her diagnosis. I'll be looking forward to your return.

Enjoy your summer - wish I could visit Alaska. It will happen someday! At the moment we are hoping to go east for this year's vacation, if we can swing one!

Enjoy your sunshine! Dirt is healing in so many ways.

My heart sunk, since your words are truly a refuge and vindication for me. My heart also delighted in knowing that you find the same healing and joy in getting unplugged and in the dirt. I don't have a lot of land, but what little bit I can grow flowers and veggies in is truly a balm to my spirit. While I will miss your work and anticipate your return when you are ready, I am so glad you have a source of respite. I will raise my shovel to you next time I take time to mend my soul too! Take care!

Enjoy your summer! If I see you in the yard, I'll stop by!

Good, you have given us all so much already, we can only be so very thankful for the bounty and richness of your writing so far. and YES a BOOK! that sounds perfect. Step back, hike, rest, recharge, and know your fan club is eager to see where you go next. Wishing you a summer of exploration and refocusing, and fun. I'm thrilled to know you're out there, making the world a better place and being mama to Elias and Olive. Love you!

Christy...contact me through facebook and let me know where you live...I would love to stop by and see you...valerie

Ah... A break! There are not many things we, as parents, can really take a break from, so seize this time if it allows you to absorb energy from the sun's glow, strength from the earth, and inspiration for something new and different in your writing! I hope you discover new avenues for writing, whether it's just pen and paper, writing essays, or even editing!! How exciting! You will be missed. Have a wonderful, bright summer!! XO

Take care~and have a great summer. It's always a good thing to step back and do the things we love.

I've been following your blog from Germany for a couple of years now, I have a son with CP, too. I have always been very moved by your writing. I hope you can refuel your energy in the beautiful landscape that surrounds you! Enjoy the sun and the summer! Looking forward to hearing from you again, take good care of yourself and your beautiful family!

Good for you, Christy! Achieving balance is one of my biggest challenges and I applaud your decision to do so. You will definitely be missed here, though, so don't hesitate to post something if the mood strikes!

As another special needs mom, I really enjoyed reading your blogs. But you really deserve a break. Enjoy your summer!!

Enjoy your summer!! See you in the Autumn!

NOOOOOO! Okay you're entitled to a break, but I will keep checking in just in case. Hope you have a wonderful restorative/relaxing summer! Maybe even just reposting old stuff for us hardcore addicts?

Stopping in to say "good for you!"
I'm an early childhood teacher who just got her laptop back after a few days "in the shop" and being away from the screen was good for me. Take care and enjoy your family.

So glad to hear that you're out enjoying the beautiful Alaskan summer, my friend ... heard we were both in Seward over the weekend! Soak it in. We'll still be here.

Hope your summer is just what you need and want, and that the sun is shining on all four of you. Miss you!

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