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Just love you so much & wish I could take away some of your rough times & make life easier for you!

You see Elias eating alone in the room. But you could see it from his point of view also. This is his time to decompress, take in his morning expeiences and concentrate on eating (which can be quite a process for kids on the spectrum). So he may be alone, but he is not lonely. And smile, he is content!!!!

I would have cried too. Don't all parents worry that their kid is eating alone? That is what always makes me feel better..knowing that I am not alone in this worry. I worry when my twelve year old doesn't want anyone to come and sleep over even when her instagram account is full of other girls having sleepovers together and mock photoshoots. Maybe she needs the down time. Maybe she wants to rest before her soccer game. I still worry though. I would have cried too. You are not alone in this.

Tearful here with you. Wish I lived close enough to come
share a beer or a run or whatever seems most helpful. Feel like I am experiencing some of this parenting heartbreak lately. Thinking of you.

Dear, dear super mama. My heart aches for you and E & N & O. a mindful grownup in the room - whomever is in charge - could be more fully present and ensure no one eats alone... 3 cheers for E-boy who shares great enthusiasm, smiles and laughter and blesses me with his presence in health class.

Big hug. Hope the doctor's meeting was okay.

Christy- your heart is so big- Elias is so lucky to have his family. He will survive because he is surrounded by so much love- it may not be the life you would have wanted for him- but it will be his life. The hardest thing for us parents is letting our children live THEIR lives because we know how much easier it would be if it was different. I was a super helicopter mom because our daughter broke her neck but she survived and is fine but during that time I took away her independence and it has taken her years to break away and finally be her true self. It is so hard to be a parent when we want to put a bandaid on everything when most of the time we can/ or should only watch. I blew it for my child but she still got through it and is now, at 26, blossoming and finally being so internally and outwardly successful. She contributes her latest success to a program called Landmark- not sure I have the name correctly. You and Nick are super parents and always will be because of who you are.

Lee, that is a very good point. He is most likely not lonely, it is more me who is lonely for him. And Noel, thank you for the reminder that his life will be different then the one I might have planned but it will be his.

And thank you all for feeling my tears and sharing your own worries and fears and just making me feel better with your words of support and love and understanding. I always feel less stressed after writing and then even better when I get comments like these.

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