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He was awesome. Glad you were there to remember and pass it forward.

Beautiful Christy. Ferdie would be proud!!

Dear Christy, Thank you for sharing this reminder. I work at this! But the other day, in the grocery, my favorite cashier said yo me: "You are always whistling and smiling. You cheer me up," and I thought: YES! This is what we can do for each other--enjoy what we have because so many of us do have so much, and share the happiness with a smile. So thanks for smiling at me across the ethernet and a big smile back to you and all those you love.

PS: Beautiful pic. I worked at various boarding schools for a few year sand this just captures the essence of them...

A life well lived. Beautiful tribute. Sorry that it is often such a loss that prompts us to examine our own lives.

Good words, Christy - sad that funerals are often what bring these reminders - but then, maybe out memorials are our last gift to each other - that piecing together of the lives we've lived. A couple of nights ago, my mom told the story of one of my childhood friends asking if she could go to the "reunion" - she meant funeral - and my Mom said she has always remembered it because that's what funerals are, really. I like that. I'm glad you made time to go to the reunion. Sorry that there was occasion for you to go.

So true Ginna and that's what it felt like an old school Watertown / Taft reunion both from my childhood as a faculty child and from my years there as a student. And instead of a somber event the service was a wealth of stories with lots of laughter and aha moments. So glad I went.

And Danielle, I love the image of you whistling and smiling in the store. Its amazing what a smile can do. I try to smile and greet the kids at school every morning in the hallway , even if its not exactly how I feel inside. And more often than not, I feel better.

Great tribute Christy. He was a great man. Thxs for sharing.

this brought tears to my eyes. thank you. its true, what are we living for? the moment and each day and the joy it all brings us, right? I have an obsession with reading obituaries and the other day I decided to write my own, not to be grim but just to see what I would want it to say and what i need to do with my life from this point to 'enjoy' it to the fullest. I needed to think about what I want to do and how i want to be remembered. it was a good check in.

I just like you, Christie ...

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