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Loved it. Most likely to inspire. Best at tear jerking :)

Simply the best….

I'd give you a gold medal. Just do the podium moment on a kitchen chair anyway. Sometimes pretending with your kids can be enough.

That was absolutely lovely. Thank you.

such a beautiful post! thank you!

Love it! Those few moments, arms wrapped around ones still smaller, legs clinging and steering, laughing, hooting. Pure happiness. It lingers, walking back up the hill. Those moments are but a drop in the daily grind bucket, yet they rescue me when I want to give up.

That was beautifully written and so enjoyed- you definitely got the GOLD!

I was talking about you to another mom who is frustrated with her IEP, telling her about the beautiful story (that I couldnt find) about Elias pointing.

I am so glad I found you again. Spent the night reading what I missed.

Your children are so beautiful.

Thanks all for your kind comments. I have the best readers:)

Good to hear from you again Kate! The story of Elias pointing is now unfortunately owned by Parents.com and so missing from my blog. They retained ownership of my two years of writing for them despite my attempts to retain rights.

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