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What a wonderful birthday adventure! Happy birthday to Elias!

Made me cry! What a great birthday!

Love this and you all so much!

Yup. Teary eyes here. Thanks for taking the time to detail all the good. And it is so good. Even when it's hard.

I don't comment here a lot, but oh, that note to the NICU staff brought quick, hot tears to my eyes. Happy birthday to all of you!

Tears of joy for you, and your miracle of a 10 year old. Thanks to the nurses, the good Samaritans, and the good karma that is out there. :-)

Happy Birthday to all of you! What a great idea to do a house-to-house scavenger hunt. How did that wonderful inspiration come up?

Can't stop crying. And smiling. And learning. so much love to the whole gang of Jordans. :)

Christy, I rejoice for you. Elias is a gift for sure and you are an outstanding mother.

Wow! Here's to GOOD news!

So Sarah, the house scavenger hunt came to me late at night when I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about what we could do for a birthday adventure. I wanted Elias to get a chance to fly on a small plane and though i found a pilot he is out of town right now so I knew we wouldn't be able to fly on Elias's actual birthday. I was thinking about what else Elias likes and elevators and house numbers came to mind. His first question when he meets people is often "What is your house number?" So the Friday before his birthday I walked our route in reverse so I could right the house numbers on the clues. I think it may become a birthday tradition:)

Thanks everyone for taking this journey with us and celebrating ten years of Elias!

Loved all of this! May steal the birthday idea!!

This is a beautiful piece Christy. I loved every sentence but my favorite was "On this tenth anniversary of Elias's traumatic birth, I am no longer shackled by the memory of that day but able to fully celebrate my son's birthday." I celebrate that with you. Your writing, and your honesty and ability to pull the pieces together and make art out of your life, are a constant source of inspiration to me. I give thanks every time I visit your blog that you are sharing Christy's Big Life Adventure with the rest of us. It is rich, and fertile and full of love and wisdom and truth. Thank you. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you.

oh Christy. What a great day. I love the hospital gift and sign. I miss you guys.

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