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Just remember the wonderful conversation he had with myself and my dog. He made the connection that the dog and he had similar color hair. He is so worldly and every time I see him, he has grown and grown.


It can be so hard. Sometimes I think our biggest "job" is to give them the tools to deal with just this kind of situation.

Hugs Christy...

Wish I could give you a hug!! Love, Mom

This sentence: "And here I am, the school counselor, in tears, caught off-guard without my mask of special-needs motherhood that usually prepares me for moments like this when the differences between my child and yours take center stage, outing me from the crowd." It's hard to be prepared, isn't it?
Does Nick usually ask Elias about the favorite part of his day? I'm wondering whether he typically has an answer, so you can tell something is up when he doesn't. I ask my 7th grader that, and sometimes she says the day was just a complete swackage (A term her brother coined -- "swack" is the opposite of "swag.") Hugs to you and yours.

Thanks all!

I did just hear from Elias's T.A. that he was excited to go on stage and excited when he came off stage,--which makes me feel a little better as I know I often project my own feelings onto him.

That furrow in his brow could have just been the pure physical strain of operating a body like his and his quiet evening, exhaustion.

And Tabatha, Nick will ask that question and it is 40/60 if we get an actual response like lunch or gym, or more often, 'I don't know." Nothing, was a new answer. And I like swack:)

I hope that he let you hold him for a long time even if he isn't the one that needed the hug.

Funny. In health class - right before the assembly - Elias wanted to hold my hand during the team building activity. We were outside in a circle and he just took my hand in a very gentle way - and never let go. This is not new behavior as he always wants to be right by my side. I also felt a little kiss on my arm part way through the activity. :) Elias gave this tired, old teacher exactly what she needed in that moment. I love Elias so very much. He is a keeper.

It was me who needed to snuggle and yes, he let me sit real close.

Cheryl, thank you so much for sharing, your words not only touched my heart but my Mom's as well:)

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